New Kobudo Class with John Lohde sensei

Join in our Okinawan Kobudo group as we explore how an old Okinawan art is still relevant in our modern world.

John Lohde sensei
John Lohde sensei

Stress, and aging take their toll on each of us once we advance from our 20s and 30s. Okinawan Kobudo can be key to the active, healthy life that modern longevity requires of us in order to remain vigorous and productive. It is no accident that many Okinawan kobudo practitioners live energetic healthy lives with increased agility and strength from regular kobudo training. Strong social networks keep our brains and spirit healthy and bonded to family, friends in the world we live. Group participation in activities like Okinawan Kobudo, encourages connectivity to life itself.

Learning new movements and language promote brain health and ultimately mental clarity.


John Lohde is a 45-year practitioner of Okinawan Karate and Kobudo. At the age of 68, he enjoys sharing his life-long study, putting into daily use the principles of physical, mental and emotional wellness. While the class is beneficial to any age, participants may find the pace and understanding of an instructor with John’s experience, helpful to beginners or returning students.

John says “I am pleased to announce that beginning on Wednesday, December 5th at 8:15, I will be teaching an Okinawan Kobudo class at Asato Dojo, here in Naha.
This class is the fruition of my 40 plus years of training and study of Okinawan Kobudo, under two different, well versed and respected Okinawan Masters.
The class is geared towards adults and will emphasize the physical and mental benefits of long-term Kobudo practice. Those of us above 45 years of age may find this class especially beneficial; though if you are an adult, any age is welcome. Those in the Naha area, please join us in this, twice a week class. You may PM me on Facebook (John Lohde) for more details.”

Class times: TUESDAY 8:15pm – 9:30pm,  SUNDAY 1pm – 2:30pm.

Class fee: 1000 yen

Asato Dojo has private showers and changing rooms. Drinks are available. 


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