Asato Dojo Instructional Videos

This page features links to some of our instructional videos.
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Matsubayashiryu karate warm up sequence (Junbi Undo), followed by Conditioning Training Basics (Tanren Kiso), and Naihanchi Shodan kata practice including a variation on the kata. This class lasts for approx 50 mins including 2 short breaks. These sets of exercises are typical for the first half of an adult karate class on basics and kata (Matsubayashi ryu) at Asato Dojo (Naha, Okinawa). Dialogue is in English with some Japanese terms. No subtitles.

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Hojo Undo

Hojo Undo is a Japanese term meaning “supplementary exercises” and can therefore include any exercise which is done to enhance, in this case, karate skills. Hojo Undo is a traditional practice in karate dojo in Okinawa across various styles. Typically hojo undo exercises are done to build strength, body structure, balance, endurance and power generation. In this video James sensei introduces exercises using skipping rope, exercise bands, dumbbells, chiishi and kettle bells. This class lasts for approx 45 mins including 1 short break.

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Kobudo is traditional Okinawan weapons technique practice.

Shiromatsu no kon bo kata video featuring Arakaki Toshimitsu Hanshi and James Pankiewicz sensei. This kata is the fundamental bo kata for Matsubayashiryu karate created by Kyan Shinei.


Reference video collection (2021)

Fukyugata Ichi – 

Fukyugata Ni – 

Pinan Shodan – 

Pinan Nidan – 

Pinan Sandan – 

Pinan Yondan – 

Pinan Godan – 

Naihanchi Shodan – 

Naihanchi Nidan – 

Naihanchi Sandan – 

Ananku –

Wanshu – 





Chinto – 

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