The 2021 Kodomo no Shinnen Taikai

New Year, new challenges!

Asato Dojo is pleased to announce an online friendship event for junior Matsubayashiryu karate students – The Kodomo no Shinnen Taikai is now open for applications.
This online competitive event is open to participants up to and including 16 years of age of any rank. Acceptable kata include any kata from the standard 18 Matsubayashiryu (MBR) kata (please see the attached details).

Arakaki Toshimitsu Hanshi has kindly agreed to preside over the judging and will present the winners via online video message.
Winners will also receive certificates sent direct from Okinawa and all participants will receive digital participation certificates.
We look forward to welcoming our fellow MBR practitioners to this friendship event.

Next Steps – please carefully read the attached instructions for participation. To participate you must have your kata video ready to share (see instructions) and a valid Paypal account.

Registration can be done at any time up until January 31st, 2021.
When you are ready to register for participation please use the following online form –

(Please note: This event is NOT an official WMKA event or limited to WMKA member dojos.)



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