Online Learning

Asato Dojo offers online classes, workouts and special seminars on a regular basis. Please see our classes and events listed below. We are offering 10 online seminars this year as the baseline for our Online Members program. Its highly likely we will add additional seminar opportunities with guest instructors too as we go through the year. Follow us on Facebook for updates, as well as on this page.

How to Join our Online Events

You will find event Links below. Please click Join Meeting to register first. Or if you click Show More and Add to Calendar it will include the registration/joining link in that calendar entry.
It will benefit you to be familiar with kata referenced in the seminars. You can access kata videos via links further down on this page.

Seminars fees and online dojo membership can be paid via our Fees and Membership site here

Seminars are open for attendance to non-members but we recommend becoming an Online dojo Member for the following benefits: 

Benefits of Membership

  • Become an Online Member for $30 per month, get access to one seminar per month and receive a unique Certificate of Participation for the seminar series (at the end of 2023).
  • Members may add an additional participant to seminars for free.
  • Members will have access to recordings of the seminars.
  • Members are welcome to send questions on the seminar content to James sensei
  • Members will also receive a priority invite to the 100 Kata 10th Anniversary Challenge Event & International Seminar in Okinawa starting October 25th 2023.

Events Calendar



Follow our Facebook page for event updates

Asato Dojo on Youtube – please access a wide selection of our karate instructional  AND Okinawa Tours videos FOR FREE on our channel

Classes/Seminars upon request

Please email us to request karate classes or group seminars at other times –

Many recorded seminars are available to subscribers on BujinTVplease click here to view our channel on BujinTV
Get your first month for FREE on BujinTV by using promo code – ASATODOJO2 – at registration


Matsubayashi-ryu Karate Kata

Reference video collection (updated 2021)

Fukyugata Ichi – 

Fukyugata Ni – 

Pinan Shodan – 

Pinan Nidan – 

Pinan Sandan – 

Pinan Yondan – 

Pinan Godan – 

Naihanchi Shodan – 

Naihanchi Nidan – 

Naihanchi Sandan – 

Ananku –

Wanshu – 

Wankan – 

Rohai – 

Passai – 

Gojushiho – 

Chinto – 

Kusanku –