Online Learning

Asato Dojo offers online classes, workouts and special seminars on a regular basis. Please see our classes and events listed below.

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Scheduled classes
Wednesdays 7:00 PM JST (look up your local time here)
Okinawan karate class – beginners to black belt level – 60 mins

Join James Pankiewicz sensei at Asato Dojo in Okinawa, Japan for Okinawan Karate training.
This class is open to all levels from absolute beginner to black belt. Taught in English with some Japanese terms.
Solo or partner/family/group attendance is ok.
James Pankiewicz sensei has 30 years training experience in karate and other martial arts including 10+ years in Okinawa, Japan.
Each class will conclude with a short Q&A session with James sensei. All questions welcomed!
Please log on 5 minutes in advance of class start time.
Fee donations are gratefully accepted via Paypal at . Guideline amount – 2000 yen / $20 / 15 euro

Please contact us via email ( or Facebook messenger for access details.

Classes/Seminars upon request

Please email us to request karate classes or group seminars at other times –


LIVE Seminars every month from Asato Dojo – please follow our Facebook page for regular updates and joining instructions

Many recorded seminars are available to subscribers on BujinTVplease click here to view our channel on BujinTV
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Visit our BujinTV channel for instructional videos

Visit our BujinTV channel for instructional videos



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