Maeshiro Morinobu Sensei On Line Seminar

We proudly present a very special opportunity to learn traditional Shorin-ryu karate directly from one of the most respected teachers on Okinawa today.
Maeshiro sensei (10th Dan Hanshi and designated “cultural asset holder” in Okinawa) very rarely teaches online in an open seminar format. He continues to teach the karate style he learned directly from Miyahira Katsuya, and has taught all around the world during his 60 years karate career. He is one of the most sought out teachers in Okinawa today.

In this seminar Maeshiro sensei will present his unique junbi undo exercises, his two person drills for developing kumite skill and his personal interpretation of the applications (oyo bunkai) of Naihanchi Shodan kata (the foundation kata of shuri-te karate).
There will be a Q&A session where you can put questions directly to Maeshiro sensei.
This seminar will be present in Japanese, English and Spanish (real time translation).

Participation is via Zoom. You must register in advance and pay the participation fee ($30). All participants will receive a personalised Certificate of Participation (“sankasho” / 参加証).

Registration Form – click here to open the form.

Once registration and payment is complete you will receive an email with joining instructions.

This seminar is presented by BujinTV , with the kind cooperation of Nicolas Perez.