Kids Karate Classes in English

Kids Karate at the Asato Dojo is an exciting new programme designed for kids aged between 4 and 15.

The Kids’ Karate classes mission is improving English communication,  particularly listening and understanding skills, but in a practical and fun way while learning traditional karate skills and discipline.

Kids enjoy it because it’s a fun and active approach to learning. We play games, work on team building and make goals and smash them to become confident.

There are no desks, textbooks or writing. We immerse the kids into a native English speaking environment. They learn by doing, which is shown to improve how much information is retained.

Kids pick up language really quickly when they are surrounded by it and use it every day. This is the learning environment we provide and therefore encourage the kids to attend as much as possible.

Many kids on the island are embarrassed or suffer a lack the confidence to speak or communicate In English – even when they have a good understanding of the words and sentences.

We provide an environment where the kids will feel confident to speak and practice English and learn and grow at a pace that suits them.

The goals we set for the kids encourage them to improve on their own previous abilities and not be compared to anyone else.

Parents will like it because it will give their kids a chance to exercise and use their energy after a day of studying at school while continuing to learn at the same time. The entire time from coming in the door will be an ‘English Only’ environment


Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (16:45 start), and Saturday (16:00 start). When not karate training, our students are encouraged to pursue self study in the dojo environment. They may read, do homework, or talk with the instructors and their friends in English. We will also play movies in English from time to time.

The general structure of the classes is as below:

Class 1

  • 16.45pm- Younger Kids Karate Starts
  • 16.45-16.55- Warm Up
  • 16.55-17.15- Fitness and Karate Practice
  • 17.15-17.20- Water Break
  • 17.20-17.25- Circle Time
  • 17.30- Finish

Class 2

  • 17.30pm- Older Kids Karate Starts
  • 17.30-17.40- Warm Up
  • 17.40-18.10- Fitness and Karate Practice
  • 18.10-18.15- Water Break
  • 18.15-18.30- Circle Time
  • 18.30pm- Clean mat & Finish
  • Saturday 16.00 -17.30 – (same format as weekdays)


We encourage our Kids Class members to wear the dojo uniform once they have enrolled for classes regularly.

  • 4 – 8year olds wear karate Dogi bottoms and an Asato Dojo T-Shirt.
  • 9- 15 year olds wear a full karate Dogi with an Asato Dojo patch.

Uniform items including karate dogi, Asato Dojo t-shirts and patches are all available for purchase at the dojo.


  • 2000 yen per class
  • 7500 yen per month (as many classes as wanted)  

The kids are provided with an attendance card which will be stamped for each class that they attend.

There are also achievements that the kids can earn based on their attendance and own previous baseline scores.

Circle Time

The circle time part of the class is where the kids are introduced to new phrases and commands. They can ask questions about things they have heard but they don’t understand and we introduce themed books and materials depending on the time of year and events happening. They are also given the opportunity to practice general introductions and asking and answering general questions in English.

Our International Community

The Dojo instructors have strong connections with many karate dojo owners and other people from many different cultures around the world. Our goals are to maximise opportunities for our visiting international friends to meet, talk and train karate with the kids. These opportunities to meet new people from different  countries and cultures help young people to grow up to be open minded and accepting of people that they meet and to see just how rewarding and beneficial it is to learn another language.

Free Trial Lesson – please come to Asato Dojo, try a lesson and meet our instructors

All kids and parents are always very welcome to come and see the Dojo and take part in a free trial lesson. We encourage parents to join in too if they wish. 

If you are interested in enrolling your kids in the programme or want to find out more information, please contact us.

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Introducing Becka Tedder, Kids Karate Class instructor

100 Kobudo Kata Event at Karate Kaikan, Okinawa, Japan

“I have been practicing martial arts for ten years now and karate for 8. I came to Okinawa in 2014 because to study karate intensively and become the best I can be, while experiencing the world and other cultures. While living here I have been teaching English to local children at international schools and nurseries and learnt such a huge amount in the years that I did this. Kids learn by doing and playing and having fun , so the purpose of the kids karate programme is to create a happy, safe environment where the kids can come to learn practical English while improving their fitness and health. “

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