Online Seminars

SEPTEMBER SEMINARS – there’s a lot coming!

We decided we will pull out all the stops and organise at least one online seminar EVERY WEEK thru SEPTEMBER featuring some of the best Okinawan teachers.
So, coming up soon are:
Saturday Aug 29th, 8 AM JST: Arakaki Toshimitsu sensei – Matsubayashiryu karate kata and bunkai (Naihanchi shodan kata+…)
Sunday Sept 6th, 10 PM JST: Nakasone Koichi sensei – Shuri-te bunkai for the Pinan kata series
Saturday Sept 12th, 8 AM JST: Arakaki Toshimitsu sensei – Matsubayashiryu bo kata and kumi-bo (2 person sets)

Sunday Sept 13th, 9 AM JST: Hokama Tetsuhiro sensei – exploration of Mura-bo and Kumi-bo from Okinawa

September date TBC: Kyan Toruu sensei – Okinawa Kenpo karate kata and bunkai

All seminars will be available live on Zoom and for download/viewing afterwards.

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