Kids Karate Summer Camp

Summer Camp is back! 

2020 will be the third year that we have been running the kids Karate and English summer programme. 

The dates for this year are- 

Week 1: 3rd – 7th August

Week 2: 10th – 14th August

Week 3: 17th – 21st August 

Fees are- 

1 week: 25,000 yen 

2 weeks: 45,000 yen 

3 weeks: 60,000 yen 

We also have family discounts available. Please contact us for more information.

Summer camp runs from 9am-5pm. The dojo will be open from 8am -6pm so early drop off and later pick up is ok. 

There are scheduled activities for each day. For example:

– Design and make your own summer camp Cap 

– Karate Treasure Hunt 

– Make and Practice with Nunchaku 

– Make your own “bob” (punching bag)


Every day we will: 

1- Take the kids for a walk/ to a local park 

2- Practice English/ Japanese speaking and read a book together 

3- Practice Karate for at least two hours. 

The kids will also have some free time at the end of each day to play with friends, do arts and crafts, practice their own karate or read their favourite books. 

We will be accepting a maximum of 20 kids per week. 

Click the link for a summary of last years summer camp:



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