Dojo Open Day

Are you curious about Okinawan Karate?

On Sunday March 15th, Asato Dojo gives you the perfect opportunity to learn about our dojo and the karate we practice here.

We have a comprehensive Kids and Adults programme of Karate and Kobudo (Weapons) training – our basis being Matsubayashi Ryu.

We also have many opportunities for other experiences with all different martial arts and seminars hosting sensei from all around the world.  

Beginners are more than welcome to come and watch and or join us. 

From 12pm until 5pm there will be: 

  • A 20 minute adult taster class 
  • A 20 minute kids taster class
  • A 20 minute Q&A session and introduction to the dojo and the exciting year of events we have coming up in 2020. 

Karate is beneficial for any age, please come visit us on Sunday  and see for yourself. 

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