CLASS SCHEDULE – New Class Times from May 25, 2020

Class Schedule

We have made some changes to Adult Class times in the dojo schedule.

From May 25th, 2020:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 7pm – 8pm Karate Fitness (Hojo Undo). These classes are open to all levels and you are not required to wear a karate dogi to participate. Recommend bringing a towel and drinking water. Instructor is James Pankiewicz sensei.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8pm – 9:30pm Shorinryu Karate and Kobudo practice – including basics (kihon), kata and kumite applications. Dogi is required. Instructor is James Pankiewicz sensei.

Saturday 2pm – 3:30pm – Ryuhoryu karate and kobudo practice with Scot Mertz sensei. 2000 yen class fee. 


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