Asato Dojo – teaching traditional karate

At the Asato Dojo we teach Shorinryu karate, specifically Matsubayashiryu karatedo, the school established by Nagamine Shoshin sensei. This also includes some ‘kobudo’ traditional weapons practice.  We welcome locals and visitors alike to join our evening classes or request special classes during the daytime.  James Pankiewicz, owner and chief instructor at Asato Dojo, draws on many years of study and experience in Japan and Okinawa to teach karate for those who are looking for the benefits of improved self defense, better self confidence, improved heath, cultural study, or just to experience a taste of Okinawan tradition. 

Recently we invited a small group of staff from Japan TransOcean Air (JTA) cabin crew to take a trial class at Asato Dojo. JTA is working with us to offer its customers easy access to book a trial class via its web portal – a great initiative to broaden the appeal and access to experiencing Okinawan karate whilst visiting the islands. So our courageous young JTA cabin crew donned dogis and enjoyed a 90 minute introduction to karate basics, kata and some useful self defense techniques. And they did very well, with lots of smiles and laughs along the way. Please take a look at the gallery below of images from the day.


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Visit our online store – click to go

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